5 Tips To Level Up Mentally

If you want to level up mentally, know that leveling up is about self control and it begins in the mind. Emotional healing from past trauma and drama takes place when you first decide to move forward in your level up journey. Reinvent and purge the past and never look back. Here are 5 tips to level up mentally.

Level Up Your Look

Nothing resets your mind like a full makeover. Start with a few new pieces in your wardrobe that you wouldn’t typically wear. Switch up your hair style with a completely opposite look from what you’re already wearing. Experiment with color and length to really transform your tired day to day look.

Reinvent the woman you see in the mirror every day. If you have always been wanting to get a little work done, go ahead and get it! Making the investment  in yourself will boost your confidence and self esteem. You’re worth it! 

5 tips to level up mentally

Drop Useless Friends

Level up mentally by surrounding yourself with like minded women who are where you want to be in life. Drop the people in your circle that are a liability to you or drain your energy. Just by executing this step, you can seriously level up. 

Toxic people hold you back and weigh you down in ways that you may not even realize. Rest assured that dumping these useless friends will feel like a huge burden is lifted from your shoulders. If there’s a dusty in your life, it’s a given that he needs to go! He won’t be pleased with your level up goals and he will sabotage you at every turn.

Make new friends by connecting with people at group meetings, clubs, and social media. Start participating in activities that you’re interested in. You’ll gain access to people more successful than yourself. This could be a real estate investors or travelers group. Meet a whole new circle of wealthy people by joining a local country club but be prepared to spend big money! They are expensive for a reason, mainly to deter the poors. 

Think Bigger & Set Goals

Goal setting is something that many people don’t even know how to do. Sit down and decide what you really want out of life and don’t be afraid to think big. I mean, really big! The sky is the limit and once you level up mentally, other doors will begin to open for you through the laws of attraction. I struggled with thinking bigger. My problem was thinking that my goals were big, but once I reached them there still seemed to be something missing. The goals that I set still didn’t put me where I wanted to be.

It will be easier to pinpoint what needs to be done once you have your goals set. Think outside of the box to make it a reality. It will require all of your energy and focus. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone by doing things you’ve never done before. Don’t stop! The only outcome is success.  

Stay Productive

I stay productive by using a daily planner. Yes, I’m a planner girl with stickers and all. It helps me remember all of the things I want to do and when I should be doing them. Write your goals down and always be working toward them with smaller benchmarks that tell you that you’re moving forward. 

Whenever you have an idea or a thought of something that needs to happen, it is imperative that you write it down. Life moves so quickly that even the best ideas can get lost in your day to day thoughts. 

Wake up earlier! People say there aren’t enough hours in the day. This may feel true when you’re sleeping for 8 to 10 of them. Many successful people and entrepreneurs will tell you that they barely sleep. Their motto is, sleep when you’re dead. How else do you intend to conquer the world! 

If you have children and/ or a spouse like me, then you’ll have to put the entire house on notice that you need “Me” time. Sit down with your husband and kids and decide exactly when that will be. Make sure you take that time daily or weekly without fail. Monthly is not enough.

Exercise Regularly

I don’t care what your fitness level is and I am not here to judge but being active has been proven to dramatically improve your mood and mental clarity. Even if you just take a 20 minute BRISK walk in your neighborhood, that’s enough to get your blood pumping and endorphins flowing. 

Buy some resistance bands or adjustable weights so that you can work out at home during self quarantine. Many gyms are open again with limited hours. Get back out there if you feel comfortable. The gym is a great place to get laser focused on your level up journey. 

How are you leveling up?

What do you think about this list?

What else is important?

How did you get rid of toxic friends?

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