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 Thank you for visiting Lyric Spencer Books! Lyric specifically writes level up stories with drama, glamour, and life lessons for every day women. The Pick Me! series will contain 3 books that follow the lives of 3 women who decide to level up, embrace their femininity, and learn their true purpose as women. 

Be sure to subscribe below to join the excitement as each book is released. The first installment is Pick Me! (Feminine Metamorphosis). Book 2, Pick Me! (A Woman’s Worth) is currently available  in ebook and paperback form. Click the links below!

Don’t miss Lyric Spencer’s rise and the level up journey of the incredibly well developed characters Nivea, Kai, and Desiree.

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Pick Me! by Lyric Spencer
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Men are secretly enjoying Lyric Spencer’s Pick Me! 

“I enjoyed how the book explores male and female gender roles. I identify with Peter’s character the most.”

– Anonymous 

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Lyric Spencer penned this emotional and thrilling novel as the first installment of an epic 3 part level up series. Her fast paced writing style is an absolute page turner, taking the reader through a series of gut wrenching events. Spencer is a former television news writer and producer turned author, entrepreneur, and homemaker. Subscribe for updates, freebies, contests, and giveaways!


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