How To Find A Sugar Daddy On Instagram

How To Find A Sugar Daddy On Instagram

5 Tips to Find A Sugar Daddy on Instagram

Little brown baddie wants a sugar daddy, but doesn’t know where to find them. There are many places to find a sugar daddy online, but this article focuses on how to find a sugar daddy on instagram. Beware! Scammers are lurking and will try to get your bank information by promising a small fortune. I’m not sure who is falling for these fake, Splenda daddies but from what I’ve heard, there are plenty of real sugar daddies to choose from. Many women are making it work for them on the app and here or some tips on how to find a sugar daddy on instagram.

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How to find a sugar daddy on Instagram

Take Bomb Pictures!

It’s no secret that men are visual creatures. Your pictures need to make them pant, swoon, and stand at attention. Your pictures should be high quality and hot! Yes, show skin. We’re trying to snag a sugar daddy here, not a pen pal. Your pics have to make them want to bust open that wallet and pay to play. When your potential daddy sees your pics, he needs to get the feeling that all you want is the money, and he will be ok with that IF he’s the right man for you. 

Your pics must be in various locations with various looks ranging from swimsuits to sundresses. Focus on taking great pics on your trips, preferably to exotic locations with  lavish settings. Let this poor little rich daddy know that you are already accustomed to a certain lifestyle. That means pics of you shopping at high end stores, and photos of you with expensive cars. It’s ok if you don’t own it. You can rent it and bust the flick! I thought you said you wanted a sugar daddy not a dusty so invest in yourself and take the trips then take the pics. 

Use A Fantasy Name

You can’t snag a Sugar daddy with your regular boring profile. Create a new secret profile just for sugaring and use a fantasy name. Use a name that says, “I’m expensive and dusties need not apply.” Choose names that a lustful man would respond to. Some good names might resemble celebrity names or stripper names like, Chanel, Arianna, Scarlett, Bianca, Chyna, Monet, Aaliyah. If any of these is actually your name then you still need to change it because you don’t want anyone googling your identity. If it comes out that it’s not your birth name just make something up. Tell him it’s a nick name.

How to find a sugar daddy on instagram

Search For Wealthy Profiles on Instagram

This is probably the trickiest step on how to find a sugar daddy on instagram because it requires some skill. What you want to do is follow high end brands, millionaire profiles, and wealthy groups. If the groups are in your area, that’s good too. Your local country clubs likely have a group to follow so start fishing there too. 

Slide into those DM’s girls! He’ll be glad you did. Tell him you’ve traveled to the same location he’s showing in a pic and that you had an amazing time there. Ask him what he liked about it. Start the conversation off on his level. If he responds, you’ve got him but don’t continuously spam these men if they are not responding. 

Once he responds that’s when you get in their heads. 

Get In His Head

Be the fantasy woman that he can’t believe is real. Voice verify or better yet, FaceTime him.  Always cut the conversation short. No free conversations over here. Your target should be older and preferably unattractive so that YOU are the prize. Tell him what you like and what you LOVE! Don’t be the first to bring up money. If he is a real sugar daddy then he’ll already know what time it is. Never try to convert a penny pinching Scrooge McDuck into a SD. It’s a waste of time and will drain your feminine energy. 

Make sure you have your magic number ready for when he asks about your allowance. You should know how much it costs to take care of all of your bills and expenses for the month. If he is offering to just pay one bill or give you a fraction of what you need then keep him on the roster and find another one. $500 a week times 5 cheap sugar daddies equals $2,500 dollars a month! 

No, you’re not sleeping with 5 different men. That’s a prostitute. Sex means you’re exclusive and for that privilage, ALL bills and expenses need to be paid. Some women who are really good at this still don’t have sex and have all bills paid anyhow. It all depends on how good your game is.

How to find a sugar daddy on Instagram

Send Him Your Payment Apps

Once you’ve made it past all of these steps, send him your information and preferred payment apps. He’ll send you the cash if he’s a real sugar daddy. Remember, practice makes perfect. Try to get the cash out of someone you already know has a crush on you. There’s no shame in telling them what you need if you don’t care if they never speak to you again. They’ll disappear quick fast if they can’t afford it. 

Don’t be a Pick Me. That means never put yourself in a position where you appear desperate or vying for his attention. Click here for 6 signs of a Pick Me.

What do you think about these tips? Did I forget anything? Comment below!

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