DIY Picnic Photoshoot

DIY Picnic Photoshoot

We’ve all seen the beautiful photos of women on instagram and pinterest posing for an epic picnic photoshoot, but you can recreate your own with my tips for a DIY picnic photoshoot. 

Create A DIY Picnic Photoshoot

What you’ll need


Step 1) Get glammed up for your DIY picnic photoshoot with an outfit that will photograph well. Choose a flowy dress or one with feminine details for great results. If you lack the time to do a full face of makeup that’s totally fine too! Just grab a pair of sunglasses and a large sunhat. Then pair them with a bright lip for a stunning wow factor.

Step 2) Find an appealing location for your picnic photoshoot that boasts beautiful green grass, flowers, or even a water feature. Also, be sure to choose a secluded spot so that other people won’t be in your shot. The best times to shoot are late afternoon hours when the sun is not so high overhead or early morning. This is because the the sun won’t cast overhead shadows or shine too brightly in your pictures. 

Step 3) Connect your tripod and connect your USB remote so that you can trigger your camera at the moment when you have your pose just right. I ordered my remote for my iPhone from amazon and of course at it works like a charm. They come iOS and Android compatible so you should be able to use them with your phone. 

PRO TIP: Be sure that your clicker is hidden in the photo at all times.


Step 4) Lay down your blanket and arrange your refreshments and wine. Take care to place each item within the frame and use your surroundings as props. Just be sure to keep them from obstructing your face.

Go for foods that are bright colored and can stand up to the sun for some time. You wouldn’t want to stage a photoshoot using ice-cream or soft cheeses. Instead, opt for fruit, wine, flowers, and certain meats. Don’t forget your picnic basket!  <<<click

Step 5) Now all you have to do is step into the frame and pose among the gorgeous setting. Pose with your back straight and your shoulders back. Think of what a great time it is to be alive and that inner beauty will radiate! Remember to take as many shots as you like and check the photos to see if there are any adjustments to be made. 

If you follow these 5 steps, you’ll be able to create a beautiful DIY picnic photoshoot to cherish for years to come. Find out more about Lyric here. 

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DIY picnic photoshoot