6 Types Of Men To Avoid When Dating

6 Types Of Men To Avoid When Dating

There are at least 6 types of men to avoid like the plague. To effectively avoid these men you need to know the signs.

Avoid Men Who Complain

I once went on a date where the guy did nothing but complain about everything around him. He chose the restaurant and yet he complained about where we were seated. He complained about the service and the food, yet did nothing about it. This is just 1 of the 6 types of men to avoid because you can be certain that he won’t ever do much to change his circumstances in life. He is doomed to complain without ever making a move. Needless to say, the relationship only lasted one date and I never saw him again. I’m sure he complained about it. 

Avoid Men Who Are Miserly

Oooo Chile! The miserly man, a.k.a cheap, is most certainly one of the men to avoid because it’s like I always say, a miserly man is the same as a broke one. A man that is too afraid to spend a dime, or too afraid to invest, or simply wants to penny pinch until he’s down to his last cent, will never be able to build wealth. This type of man lacks the audacity and confidence required to take risks in life and can’t make the big money moves because he will be so petrified that he cannot earn any more than he already has. In addition to not being able to build wealth, he will also question everything you desire to have for yourself and will likely be terrible at giving gifts. Stay away!

Avoid Men Who Blame Others

Guys who blame everyone and everything but themselves are definitely men to avoid because they refuse to take responsibility for themselves or their decisions. The constant finger pointing will not be something he can change overnight and it will spill over into every aspect of your relationship. RUN!

Avoid Men With Low Ambitions

C’mon ladies! Doesn’t this one go without saying? Low ambition is just a metaphor for the word loser. Avoid this man or else you’ll be draining your feminine energy just trying to get him to get out of bed in the morning. The constant pep talks will get old fast and he will never find the desire to do more than the bare minimum. Trust me… been there too.

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Avoid Men Who Are Mama's Boys

Ahhh, the mama’s boy…sounds non threatening on the surface doesn’t it? But shouldn’t a husband be able to put his wife and family before all others? If a man gets married and still puts his mother first, there will be HUGE problems in the marriage because your mother-in-law will be forever pulling your husband’s strings like a puppeteer on Sesame Street. Don’t let this happen to you. Avoid men that still need their mother’s opinion on important matters and won’t make a move without his mother’s approval. That’s a dangerous game. TAKE COVER!

Avoid Men Who Treat Their Mother Poorly

On the flip side of the mama’s boy is the man who treats his mother poorly. If these were listed in order of importance, this would be right at the top because the way a man treats his mother is a preview of how you can expect to be treated by him too. If you see him disrespect his mother, neglect her, no gifts or calls on holidays then this could be a sign of a deeper issue. It’s important to know what a man’s relationship is like with his mother. You don’t ever wan’t to ever entertain a man that treats his mother like dirt, regardless of what the situation is. 

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