6 Signs You’re A Pick Me

6 Signs You’re A Pick Me

Pick Me Lyric Spencer

6 signs you’re a Pick Me. The term ‘Pick Me’ has been thrown around the internet for a few years now. Definitions may vary as it has gained popularity but most agree on the basic definition. The term describes a woman who is dying to be chosen or “picked” by a man. Are you a Pick Me? Here are 5 signs you’re a Pick Me:

You're A Pick Me If You Pay 50/50

“We spoil each other”. Sound familiar? A woman who believes that she should be working just as hard as her man and they share everything. Despite the fact that she has the burden of a monthly cycle, is not as strong as a man, will get paid less at a job and has the burden of bearing children should she so choose to. Men and women are not equal Sis and if you are working as hard as your man, you might be a Pick Me.

You Lower Your Standards

Lowering your standards might as well be the same as having none at all. Men respect women with standards. If they can’t measure up, then they simply walk away. Let them kick rocks! Don’t be willing to overlook his dusty shoes, his bad credit, or put his needs before your own, or worse… your children. Having high standards protects you from all sorts of dusty perils, like being scammed, or having your bank account drained, or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. So once your standards are set, uphold them and never waver. If you do, he will try to get away with everything. 

You Are Low Maintenance

Being low maintenance doesn’t make you more desirable. It actually makes you a target for the WRONG type of men. The broke dusties are looking for women whom are on the level at which they can afford. He’s looking for a woman he can take to Red Lobstuhs or even MacDonalds and STILL ask the question, “You got me?” Beware ladies. Looking and being high maintenance tells a man what you’re all about before you even utter a word.

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A Pick Me is Ready To Propose

Down on bended knee, ready to ask your man to be your forever. You’re a Pick Me who won’t even wait to be picked! You are making all of the moves and setting things in motion without allowing the man to lead. He may not even be capable. You are probably a woman with a successful career or a Girl Boss with her own lipgloss line. Either way you have clearly lost your mind declaring any man to be the love of your life to the point where you are paying for a ring and slipping it onto HIS finger. 

Cheating Makes You Crazy

I don’t suggest any woman normalize cheating. It can be a very dangerous and unhealthy cycle of abuse. But you? If your man cheats you have the knife at the ready don’t you  Lorena  Bobbitt? You might be a Pick Me. You are ready to lose your entire  livelihood and freedom over infidelity. A whole Pick Me packaged and ready to go to jail over a no good dusty who you could have just walked away from.

You Hate The Term 'Pick Me'

Last but not least is the easy to spot variety. She hates this term and will cherry pick parts of the definition that she disagrees with. It always seems to be the “Times have changed and women can propose to men” chick who always ends up on my floor crying in Prosecco. Sis. Get up off of your knees and realize that you’re a pick me. But take heart, this series is the Level up read of the century. A budding cult classic that chronicles the journey of women as they take control of their own destinies.  

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